Durable Execution

Build Features
Instead of Plumbing

Infinitic is an open source orchestration framework for application teams to build durable and flexible backend processes without managing the complexities of infrastructure or accumulating tech debt.  

Why Infinitic

Distributed Processes
Centralized Orchestration

Building distributed systems involves tradeoffs between durability and speed. Infinitic enables teams to implement event-driven workflows with simplicity, velocity and resilience.

Simplified Architecture

Workflows are consolidated into a single class and version-controlled like any standard codebase replacing distributed logic.

Manage Less Code

Reduce application code to just workflow logic and tasks - while the boiler plate ‘plumbing ’ is managed by Infinitic.

Feature Velocity

Ship end to end processes in days instead of months. Test and deploy updates in days instead of months.  

Centralized Logic

Workflows as Code

Replace distributed logic and fragmented execution across crons and API calls with centrally managed workflows that define the logic for each instance according to incoming data and events. Workflow code is easy to view, understand and test, deploy and update new versions - like any part of the codebase.


An Orchestration Layer

Infinitic is the central ‘brain’ of your microservices and communicates through events to trigger ‘tasks’ in multiple services at the right time - and manage the state of each workflow instance.

Centralized Logic

Durable by Design

The state of each step is automatically stored and no messages are never lost. Workflows are reliable and any issues can easily be traced in any workflow instance and resolved and restarted.

Infinitic FEatures

Deliver Use Cases.
Faster and Better

Workflow in Java

Sequential or parallel tasks, timers, asynchronous, loops, If/then and signals.


Ship new version of a workflow while older versions continue running.  

Error Handling

Choose how to handle errors, such as pausing/restarting a workflow or writing custom paths based on the error.


Build custom dashboards with an API showing every execution: progress, state and errors.

Built on Pulsar

Built on the most powerful messaging and event streaming technology.


End-to-End testable workflows with Infinitic in-memory implementation

How it works

Better Architecture

Infinitic provides a central orchestration layer that manages workflow execution and state management - interfacing with your apps and services and Apache Pulsar.

Workflow Examples

See Infinitic in Action

Travel Booking Workflow

A booking process with car rental, a flight, and a hotel reservation. If any booking fails, those that succeeded should be canceled.

The workflow is a perfect example of the Saga pattern in distributed transactions.

Monthly Invoicing Workflow

A simple recurring workflow we need to do the following every month: 
1, Gather user metrics
2. Charge the user's payment card
3. Generate and send an invoice

Simple Loyalty Program Workflow

Consider a loyalty program where users earn points for various actions: 10 points weekly, 100 points for completing a form and 100 points for completing an order. Users can also burn points

Why Teams Love Infinitic

Build Mission-Critical Processes with Confidence    


Make updates & changes to core logic without incurring tech debt or ‘breaking things’.


Infinitic employs an event-driven architecture at its core, which guarantees exceptional scalability.  


Build business processes that endure failures, crashes, or server outages.


Build backend processes that are  responsive to customer and business logic.


Easily define complex logic for any use case in Java.


Open source framework that runs on top of open source Apache Pulsar

Improved the simplicity of our code.

“Our codebase is cleaner and more focused on product and business logic while all of the ‘plumbing’ for error handling and sending or receiving events is separate - and templated in infinitic - so the team doesn’t have to manage it - they can just focus on the product/business logic”


Lead Engineer at Splio
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